Why does my Overlocker needle keep breaking?

If it is catching on something in the thread path, the hang up can cause the needle to break. Also try turning the handwheel slowly while you squint at the serger mechanism to see if it is hitting on anything. You may want to wear safety glasses while you try to figure out what is going on!

Do you need special needles for an Overlocker?

Overlockers have two needles, although you don’t always need to use both needles depending on the stitch you require (more on this later). We recommend using overlocker needles and have a range available with detailed descriptions on which overlockers they are compatible with for quick and easy reference.

How do you fix an Overlocked thread?

Return the tension to the original setting. Continue to turn tension dials, one at a time, to see how each thread affects the stitch. When looper tensions are correctly adjusted for a balanced overedge stitch, two opposing threads lock together at the edge of the fabric.

Why does my lower looper thread keep snapping?

The lower looper thread could be breaking due to the threading of the machine. 1. Make sure the unit is threaded correctly. – When threading the lower threading lever, make sure the thread is just laid to the side of the lever and not threaded through the lever.

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Why does my serger needle keep Unthreading?

If the tension on the top thread is too high or low the machine can often keep unthreading. Make sure the thread has the correct tension and if your stitches are loose you should probably try to tighten the thread a bit. It is probably the most common reason for the thread to jump out of the needle.

When should I replace my Overlocker needle?

Overlocker needle tip #10: Replace needles regularly for ensured stitch quality (8-10 hours).

Is it worth getting an Overlocker?

Whilst overlockers are a handy tool, especially if you want a super professional finish, they aren’t an essential. If you are looking to market your products, it may well be a good investment as it will give your designs a professional, finished look and an upper hand.

Why is my Overlocker not sewing?

When you overlocker is not stitching right, it could be that the blades need changing. … If this threading is wrong, then your overlocker will not form a chain or even a stitch. After that, check your tension settings when you start threading the machine. If they are not already set to 0 do so before threading.

What is a 5 thread Overlocker used for?

Five thread overlock machine is used to hem the raw edges of the fabric, this ensures the prevention of loosing threads from the edges. The five thread overlock machine is superior over the three thread overlock machine, because it has two needles and two loopers for secure stitch.

Why does my thread keep breaking in my sewing machine?

The upper thread tension could be set too tight. Set the tension to the best thread tension setting or less. Make sure the spool of thread is installed correctly using the correct size spool cap for the size of spool. … Check that the bobbin is wound so that it about 80% full and that the thread is evenly wound.

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What is the causes of looper thread breakage?

Bobbin or Looper Thread Breakage

Tension too tight or bobbin over-running. Adjust bobbin case tension. … Sharp edges on bobbin case or spring or looper eyelet. Polish edges and correct surfaces.

What should my tension be on my sewing machine?

As the bobbin thread tension is factory-set and wouldn’t usually be adjusted for normal sewing. So we’ll be talking only about the top thread tension since that’s where you’d usually make the adjustments. The dial settings run from 0 to 9, so 4.5 is generally the ‘default’ position for normal straight-stitch sewing.