Where is tailor made now?

Although his love story with New York didn’t work out after the finale, Tailor Made is still thriving in New York City. He has been with his girlfriend for five years.

Is New York and Tailor Made still together?

After previously denying it, VH1 has confirmed that I Love New York second-season lovebirds George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber and Tiffany “New York” Pollard have called it quits on their romantic relationship.

What happened to Taylor Made?

What happened to Tailor Made from Season 2 of VH1’s ‘I Love New York’? Well, the New York native is still living in his home state! While he hasn’t done much on the acting front in a few years, the former reality star now focuses on building his businesses.

How much is George Weisgerber worth?

How Much is George Weisgerber Worth? The winner of the VH1 reality show and I Love You New York 2, and also the founder of Local Angel NYC, has got a net worth of $1.1 million.

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Where is 12 pack now?

12 Pack now

Nowadays, his Facebook suggests he’s living a more low-key life, married with two children and working as an auction manager for Steiner Sports.

Who died from I Love New York?

VH1 reality star Ahmad “Real” Givens has died at age 33 after battling colon cancer.

Was I Love New York scripted?

People use the word “scripted” as if parts were drawn out. In actuality, the only thing that was scripted was the setting. The only scripted part of the show was the house and the 19 guys going for one girl .

What does Tiffany Pollard do for a living?

Тиффани Поллард/Профессии

Why did Tango and New York break up?

In the finale, Tango and New York got engaged. However, he broke up with her at the reunion special, citing comments New York had made on the show about his mom.

Who is Tiffany Pollard dating 2020?

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On the show, Pollard explained how she found love to host Vivica A. Fox. “To find love the way I did, I stopped looking for it, and it literally found me, and I’m engaged, just 21 days old,” she said.

Who made I Love New York?

Legendary Graphic Designer Milton Glaser, Who Created the ‘I Love New York’ Logo During a Fateful Cab Ride, Has Died at 91. Glaser is also a cofounder of New York magazine.

What happened to Tiffany New York?

On September 8, 2008, she announced on episode 6 of her show, New York Goes to Hollywood, that she had officially separated from Weisgerber. In an episode of Brunch with Tiffany, Pollard revealed that she has bipolar disorder. In 2019, Pollard decided to have her breast implants removed.

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Who won Season 2 of I Love New York?

George Weisgerber

Did New York marry tango?

New York was a little hesitant in the beginning but finally said yes. However, plenty of drama ensued on “The Reunion” special of the show. Tango broke the engagement with New York because of the things she said about him and his mother. Although New York and Tango were engaged, they are no longer together.

Is 12 pack from I Love New York?

Dave Amerman (aka “12 Pack”) joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter to dish on his time on I Love New York, I Love Money, and Daisy of Love. We gab about: Was he actually attracted to New York.

Where is 12 pack from I Love New York now?

12 Pack. The auction director for Goldin Auctions is now married with two boys—and a girl due before Christmas 2020. 12 Pack also shared with E! News that he owns five houses and properties in New Jersey and Tennessee with his company, 12 Pack Properties.