What is space dyed yarn?

Space dyeing is a technique used to give wool a unique, multi-colored effect. Space dyed Wool is two or more different colors that typically repeat themselves throughout the length of the top. Space dyeing is sometimes referred to as dip dyeing.

How is space dyed yarn made?

Knit de knit process: This process involves first knitting the yarn on a circular or flat-bed knitting machine into a tubular fabric followed by printing using engraved rollers and then unraveling the knit to produce a space dyed yarn. … These yarns usually have long spaces of each color spaced at about 3 to 7inches.

What is space dye color?

“Space dyeing is a process of dyeing of yarn in which multiple colors are applied along the length of each strand of yarn which may or may not repeat after a fixed interval.” … “Yarn dyed with at least two different colors on one skein is called space dyed.”

What is space yarn?

Space dyed yarn is a term that defines the dyeing process in which multiple colors are applied along a length of yarn (usually a continuous filament strand) at intervals.

What is space dyed carpet?

Space dyed carpet is a yarn dyeing process in which different colors are applied along a length of yarn (usually a continuous filament strand) at intervals. Space dyed yarn produces, in its subsequent tufted fabric form, an effect of random, unorganized design.

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What is space dyed polypropylene?

A method of dyeing polypropylene fiber to create areas of different color on the fiber. A first dye solution containing a disperse dye and a dye-promoting agent is applied to substantially the entire surface of the fiber to cover the fiber with a first color.

Which process is known as localized dyeing?

0. Textile Printing The word of “printing” has derived from a Latin word which means “pressing “. It implies a process that uses pressure. Textile printing is one kind of localized dyeing where dyes or pigments & chemical applied by any method which can produce a particular effect of color on fabric according to design …

What is cross dye?

A technique of dyeing fabrics that contains more than one type of fiber in different yarns such that each fiber can be dyed a different shade. The process of dyeing different fibers different colors in the same dyebath.

What is yarn package dyeing?

Package dying is a mature technology that is one of the most commonly used methods of yarn dying. This eight step process involves dying natural yarns that have been wound on perforated spools that are dyed in a pressurized tank. Package Dyed Advantages. Small lot sizes are common and possible using package dying.

What is Piece Dyeing?

In piece dyeing, which is used primarily for fabrics that are to be a solid color, a continuous length of dry cloth is passed full-width through a trough of hot dye solution. The cloth then goes between padded rollers that squeeze in the color evenly and removes the excess liquid.

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