What is pooling in knitting?

Pooling is when colors clump together and knit up into big splotches, AKA pools or puddles, of color. Flashing is similar to pooling in that colors clump but will stripe and move around like a bolt of lightening in your knitting.

How do you stop pooling when knitting?

How to minimise pooling? The best method to minimize pooling is to alternate the skeins (or balls of yarn) every other row if you knit back and forth or every round if you knit in the round. Not only will this way of knitting reduce the “pooling” effect, but it will also ease the transition from one skein to another.

What is pooling in yarn?

Color pooling, which is also called yarn pooling, is a specific technique for working with variegated yarns to create specific color-based designs in your work. The technique requires the use of variegated yarn that has a repeating sequence.

What is planned pooling in knitting?

Planned pooling, or intentional pooling, is the technique of using the repeating color sequence of your yarn to make geometric patterns in your knitting or crochet. … So make a little swatch using the stitch pattern you intend to use for your project. For our sample, I used basic single crochet.

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How do you alternate skeins in knitting?

How do I alternate skeins?

  1. To alternate skeins, you will need to have two skeins of yarn from which you are ready to knit or crochet. …
  2. Once you have worked back to your starting point, drop the yarn from the first skein and pick up the yarn from the second skein, leaving a six inch tail to weave in at a later time.


How do you stop variegated yarn from pooling?

How To Avoid Pooling

  1. Check the skein for long repeats of colour.
  2. Check how your colourway will knit up by swatching it!
  3. Alternate between two skeins of yarn, as this will break up any pooling.


What yarn is good for planned pooling?

Variegated yarn just got a whole lot better looking with the planned color pooling technique! Many variegated yarns have a repeating sequence of colors. Patterns like this one can be created with simple stitches! This is Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Shadow.

What do you call yarn that changes color?

Variegated yarn(sometimes called multi-color) is yarn dyed with more than one color. It can produce effects that vary depending on the technique of the crafter, the pattern used, and the frequency of color change. … The change in color in a variegated yarn is consistent through the ball or skein.

What is planned pooling?

Planned pooling is a technique where you intentionally work the colors of variegated yarn making a design or color effect while working your project. Planned pooling has taken some work to figure out the ‘math’ of the yarn to get it to work the way that you want.

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How do you alternate hand colored skeins?

How to Alternate Skeins When Knitting in the Round. If you are knitting your project in the round, work two rounds at a time in the first skein. Then, switch to the other skein and knit two more rounds, carrying the yarn up the inside of your work. Repeat until you have finished.

How do you knit with variegated yarn?

Knitting With Variegated Yarn

  1. Look For Patterns With Small Lace Repeats.
  2. Slipped Stitches And Variegated Yarns Are A Match Made In Heaven.
  3. Add Some Texture.
  4. Combine with a Semi-Solid/Solid Colour.
  5. Choose a simple design and let the yarn speak.