What is an i cord in knitting?

What is an i-cord used for?

I-cord is a good skill for every knitter and has a multitude of uses. It can be used as a drawstring, a decorative ribbon, closures for a sweater or a bag, or even jeweller on it’s own! The product we’re making in this video is the Knitting Me Softly necklace.

What is an I-Cord edge in knitting?

It looks like an applied I-cord, but rather than picking up stitches along the edge and knitting the i-cord on, you knit “I-cord” simultaneously with the main fabric and don’t have to spend time to trim the edges after you are done with the project – a huge time saver!This technique can be used with any stitch pattern.

Why is it called Icord?

The venerable Elizabeth Zimmermann rediscovered and named the I-cord (the I-cord, called a “stay lace,” was mentioned in Victorian needlework manuals). The “I” stands for “idiot” because Ms. Zimmermann thought the technique was so simple anyone could do it (even an idiot, I guess!).

What is the difference between cord and chord?

A cord is a long flexible string or rope, often made of thinner pieces woven together. A chord on the other hand is “three or more musical tones played together.”

What can you do with a lucet cord?

Making cords with a lucet or a knitting fork is a way to connect back with an ancient craft, one used by vikings and during medieval times to make for closing up clothing and lacing boots and shoes and for decorating.

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Is knitted I Cord stretchy?

Video: I-Cord Bind-Off

This is a great intermediate bind-off that puts a round decorative column along the edge of your stitches to be bound off. The nice thing about this bind-off is that not only is it decorative, it’s also pretty stretchy.

How do you knit a two stitch i cord?

2 Stitch I-cord

Cast on 2 stitches onto dpns. *Without turning needles, push stitches to the right end of the needle and knit. Repeat from * for desired length. To bind off: k2tog.

How do you get good edges in knitting?

Add eight selvage stitches, four on each side, and knit these four first and last stitches on every row. This will add neat edges of garter stitch to your knitting. A garter stitch border can help preventing stockinette from curling, as well as add a nice finish to your project.