What do you mean by tailor made tour package?

A tailor-made holiday is exactly what it sounds like – a bespoke trip crafted to your specifications. You decide what’s on the itinerary, choosing exactly where you want to go, how long you want to spend in each place, and what you want to do in all your chosen destinations.

What is tailor made tour package?

Tailor-made tours give you the best worth of your money. Most of the travelers opt for the tailor-made private tours of India as these come up with flexibility in terms of money as well as time. … Not only these packages satisfy you in terms of tourist attractions but will also ensure you a comfortable stay in India.

What is tailored tour?

All Insight Guides tailor-made trips are private tours. A local travel expert takes care of the planning and booking for you. … A tailor-made private tour offers more ease and security than independent travel, especially in countries where there is a language barrier.

What is tailor made?

1 : made by a tailor or with a tailor’s care and style. 2 : made or fitted especially to a particular use or purpose. 3 : factory made rather than hand-rolled tailor-made cigarettes.

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What does a specially tailored or tailor made itinerary mean?

Put simply, it’s a unique itinerary where every part of the trip has been created individually to suit your style, taste and budget. …

What are the tour formalities?

Travel Formalities refers to the official document and endorsements (certificates) need to be completed by tourists before they can leave their country or enter another country. … It is essentially important for group travel that issuance of all travel documents must be done much before the starting of tour.

What are the parts of itinerary?

So every element should have following elements:

  • Program: Tour programme is the most important element of an itinerary. …
  • Timetable: Timetable of the program is the another major component of the itinerary. …
  • Duration: Weight, length etc. …
  • Destination: …
  • 4 A:

What does tailored to mean?

1 : fashioned or fitted to resemble a tailor’s work. 2 : custom-made. 3 : having the look of one fitted by a custom tailor.

How do independent travel agents work?

As a travel agent, you earn money via commissions. As an independent agent, you lose the luxury of a base salary. You’ll earn a commission every time someone books a holiday with you. … The commission is different for every type of holiday and suppliers often pay a different percentage %.

What is an independent travel agency?

Independent travel agents:are companies that cater for the needs of residents in small towns and villages. An example of an independent travel agents is Hays Travel. Multiple travel agents: Are companies which operate a chain of retail outlets through out the UK.

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What’s the difference between custom-made and tailor made?

Custom-made and tailor-made both mean “made specifically for someone.” But there are some differences in usage. Custom-made refers to almost anything that is made for someone, including clothes but just as often referring to other things: … That job is tailor-made [=perfect] for him.

Is tailor made?

If something is tailor-made, it has been specially designed for a particular person or purpose. … If you say that someone or something is tailor-made for a particular task, purpose, or need, you are emphasizing that they are perfectly suitable for it.

What is tailor made test?

Sometimes a standardized test deviates too much from practice or sometimes there are practical reasons why a tailor-made test is more appropriate. Examples are specific simulations and pilot-scale tests.

What is custom-made itinerary?

A custom itinerary is designed to eliminate the stress and worry of planning a destination vacation while saving you valuable time and money.

What are tailor made services?

If something is tailor-made, it has been specially designed for a particular person or purpose. Each client’s portfolio is tailor-made.

Is tailor made one word?

adjective. tailored. custom-made; made-to-order; made-to-measure: an expensive tailor-made suit. fashioned to a particular taste, purpose, demand, etc.: a musical comedy tailor-made for the popular audience.