Quick Answer: What is cording in sewing?

Sewing Glossary: How To Make And Sew Your Own Piping Tutorial. … Piping (sometimes referred to as cording or welting) is a strip of bias-cut fabric folded over a cord. It is found in all sorts of projects and is often applied to trim the seams of upholstery projects and tailored garments.

What is the difference between piping and cording?

By the way, piping and cording are essentially the same at the start. Simply put, cording is sewn inside out and turned, while piping is sewn right side out and then the seam allowance is inserted into another seam. The same type of foot is used to sew them all.

What is cording used for?

Cording can be used as a functional design element, such as buttonhole loops, curtain ties and small handbag straps. Cording can also be used purely for decoration like on the sleeves of this vintage dress.

What is piping cord?

Piping cord is a thin, round cotton “rope” made especially for sewing. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, depending on how full you want your finished piping to be. To make piping, you take a bias strip and fold it over the piping cord. To attach it to your article you sew the open end into the seam.

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How do you sew cording without a lip?

How To Sew Cording Without Lip?

  1. Wrap a piece of tape around the cording where you’ll be cutting it.
  2. Cut the cording firmly against the tape strip, wrapping the cut piece in tape at the end.
  3. Apply a thick coat of seam sealant or white craft glue to the cording’s taped end.


What does a 5 hole cording foot do?

5-Hole Cording Foot. 5-Hole Cording Foot Horizontal upto 7mm. Used for embellishing with 1-5 narrow cords. Simply thread your cords through the holes and stitch down using a serpentine zig zag or other decorative stitch.

How do you apply cording to fabric?

Put the cording in the middle of your fabric strip (wrong side facing you), then fold it in half and pin. 4. Attach a zipper foot to your sewing machine and place the piping under. Starting at one end of the piping, stitch along the cording, but not too close to it, to encase it in the bias tape.

How do you sew a piping cord?

HOW TO SEW PIPING – Sewing Piping step by step

  1. Step 1 – Basting the Piping. On the right side of your fabric, machine baste the piping facing inwards matching the raw edges. …
  2. Step 2 – Sewing Piping in a Seam. Pin the second piece of fabric with right side down and raw edges matching. …
  3. Step 3 – Pressing.


What is welt cording?

A welt cord is simply a fabric covered cord that follows the seam of a chair cushion, sofa cushion, or pillows. … A self welt is when the cord is done out of the same fabric. A welt cord that is done out of a different fabric is called a contrasting welt cord.

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