Quick Answer: How many T shirts does it take to make a full size quilt?

30 shirts will make a full size quilt, approx. 82″ x 96″ – 5 across x 6 down. 36 shirts will make a queen size quilt, approx. 96″ x 96″ – 6 across x 6 down.

How big is a queen size T-shirt quilt?

What size t-shirt quilt is right for me?

Size: # of Shirt Sides in Quilt Quilt Size:
Twin 24 4.5′ x 7′
Full 30 5.5′ x 7′
Large Throw 36 7′ x 7′
Queen 42 7′ x 8′

How do you make a quilt out of T-shirts?


  1. Plan Your Quilt. Examine the shirts you plan to use, and ask yourself a few questions before you begin to make the quilt.
  2. Cut Apart the T-Shirts. First, wash and dry the T-shirts. …
  3. Map Out the Design. …
  4. Trim the T-Shirt Panels. …
  5. Fuse the Interfacing to the T-Shirts. …
  6. Sew the Quilt.


How many dress shirts do I need for a quilt?

Shirting quilts are cost effective to make, and can turn outdated clothing, into a modern quilt. What You’ll Need: 9-10 Mens Shirts of co-ordinating colours. 2 x Sheets, Table Cloths or other fabric pieces to co-ordinate with the mens shirts for the sashing and backing fabric.

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How many T-shirts should I order in each size?

If you need 100 shirts, multiply each number by 10. If you need 1,000, multiply by 100 and so on. While medium is statistically a more common size than extra large, we recommend skewing toward the XL side. Someone who normally wears a medium can wear a large or extra large if you run out.

How much should I charge for a Tshirt quilt?

So, How Much Will it Cost?

Number of Blocks Approximate Quilt Size Standard Basic Base Price
20 78” x 94” $360
25 94” x 94″ $450
30 94″ x 110” $540
36 110″ x 110″ $648

What is a good backing for a Tshirt quilt?

What material can be used on the back of a T-shirt quilt?

  • 100% Cotton.
  • 50% Polyester/50% Cotton.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Flannel.
  • Minky Fabric.
  • Blue Jean.


What is the best T-shirt quilt company?

We chose Campus Quilts because they are one of the largest makers of T-shirt quilts. Project Repat was chosen because they make the least expensive T-shirt blankets.

Do Tshirt quilts need batting?

YES! It is important. Although you don’t see the batting in a quilt, it is very important. The type of the batting used influences the look, feel and longevity of your T-shirt quilt.

How many shirts do I need for a memory quilt?

12 shirts will make a throw-size quilt, approx. 48″ x 64″ – 3 across x 4 down. 30 shirts will make a full size quilt, approx. 82″ x 96″ – 5 across x 6 down.

What color T shirts sell the most?

We ran the numbers on the top-selling t-shirt styles and colors – our data showed that t-shirt colors in black, navy, and dark heather grey were the most popular colors.

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What is the best quality T-shirt to print on?

The best t-shirts for printing

  • AS Colour – Staple Tee. …
  • Stanley/Stella – The Creator. …
  • Gildan Hammer. …
  • Russell Classic Heavyweight. …
  • Gildan Soft Style. …
  • Continental Classic. …
  • Stanley/Stella Shifts Dry Long Sleeve. …
  • Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve.

What sizes sell the most?

We have found this percentage breakdown to be most common for clients ordering at Real Thread:

  • XS 2.14%
  • SM 19.56%
  • MD 28.36%
  • LG 27.16%
  • XL 16.16%
  • 2XL 5.19%
  • 3XL 1.15%
  • 4 XL 0.19%