How much is a tailored suit in Hong Kong?

At well-known tailors like Sam’s Tailor prices start from $500, but at places like Raja and Rashmi suits can cost as little as $300. At the high end, prices at A-Man Hing Cheong start at $1,200.

How much does a suit cost in Hong Kong?

“In the U.S., a typical bespoke suit costs $3,000. In Hong Kong, it costs about $300.

Where can I buy a suit in Hong Kong?

The best tailors in Hong Kong

  • W.W Chan and Sons. Shopping Central. …
  • Bobby’s Fashions. Bobby’s Fashions. …
  • Dal Duca. Shopping Central. …
  • Photograph: Courtesy Magnus & Novus. Magnus & Novus. …
  • Empire Tailors. Shopping Tailors Tsim Sha Tsui East. …
  • © Calvin Sit. …
  • Photograph: Courtesy of Rashmi Custom Tailors. …
  • Photograph: Calvin Sit.


Who is the best tailor in Hong Kong?

5 Of Hong Kong’s Top Tailors By Correspondent Kate Springer

  • The Mandarin Barber. Wait, a barbershop? …
  • WW Chan & Sons. An esteemed couturier with locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai, WW Chan & Sons opened its doors in 1952. …
  • Ascot Chang. …
  • Sam’s Tailor. …
  • Raja Fashions.
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How much does a suit from Sams tailor cost?

A completely custom made-to-order suit from Sam’s Tailor in quality wool can easily be had for under $500. A similar (albeit more perfectly and meticulously constructed) version from someone else in Hong Kong or Shanghai like WW Chan, is going to run upwards of $1,500, while in London it will be well over $2,000.

How much should I pay for a tailored suit?

Generally speaking, if you really want to go this route, you don’t really need to be too elaborate with your suit. An average bespoke suit will cost around $3,000-$5,000 and it will do everything you ask it to do.

What is a good suit brand?

The Best Suit Brands for Men

  • Ermenegildo Zegna.
  • Tom Ford.
  • Brioni.
  • Oxxford.
  • Giorgio Armani.
  • Givenchy.
  • Corneliani.
  • Gucci.


How much does suit cost?

A solid price point for the first suit should be around $500, give or take a little. There are plenty of options around and below that amount, but avoid very inexpensive suits, as they are often poor quality and will look cheap.

What means tailor?

: a person whose occupation is making or altering garments (such as suits, jackets, and dresses) typically to fit a particular person. tailor. verb. tailored; tailoring; tailors.

How many tailors does Hong Kong have?

“There are now less than 40 really good experienced tailors in Hong Kong.” “That number seems about right,” says menswear entrepreneur and aficionado Mark Cho, who has written the online “Abridged history of tailoring in Hong Kong” and perceives a growing demand for individuality and authenticity.

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Are Hong Kong tailors good?

Whether it’s suits, shirts or other wardrobe staples, you’ve come to the right place. Hong Kong is known for its sartorial sharpness, and is home to some of the best thread-weavers you’ll find anywhere. But while the city may be known for its abundance of suit makers, quantity doesn’t always equate with quality.

Where can I get a dress shirt tailored?

Unless you’re perfectly proportioned in every way, finding a button-down dress shirt off the rack can be an unending exercise in give and take-in at a tailor.

  • Modern Tailor. …
  • Proper Cloth. …
  • Black Lapel. …
  • J. …
  • Men’s Wearhouse. …
  • Brooks Brothers. …
  • Ermenegildo Zegna.


Which Mad Men actor did Sam’s Tailor create a suit for?

Jon Hamm of ‘Mad Men’ and Travel Man (Richard Ayoade) pay a visit to Roshan at Sam’s Tailor. Wait until you see what happens next!

What does it mean when a suit is bespoke?

With a bespoke suit, a pattern is designed and made from scratch based on the client’s measurements, often from 20+ measurements involving multiple fittings, and takes considerably longer to produce than a made-to-measure garment.