How do you top down when knitting?

Is knitting a sweater easy?

Knitting a sweater is one of the pinnacles of the hobby, and it’s one that stops some new knitters in their tracks. A sweater seems like such a big project that will take a lot of time and skill, so often knitters are too intimidated to take on the challenge.

How do you knit on a sweater?

The easiest way to resolve the issue, when you’re on a round where you want to try it on, is to simply knit half the stitches onto a second circular needle. That’s it!

What is top down Raglan?

It starts with a cowl neck, uses short rows to shape the back of the neck and then uses raglan increases on either side of a decorative seam. This decorative seam continues down into the a-line body and forms the focus of interest for the sweater. Top-Down Raglan Techniques.

How do you knit av neck sweater V?

Finishing a V-neck with Ribbing

  1. Pick up Neckline Stitches. First, pick up the neckline stitches and knit one round, beginning at the left shoulder/back join. …
  2. Mark the Center Stitch. Mark the stitch at the bottom center of the V-neck with a hanging marker. …
  3. Knit a Round of Rib. …
  4. Mitered Decrease at Center. …
  5. Repeat.

What does Yoke mean in knitting?

The word yoke refers to the fitted or shaped piece at the shoulders of a garment. Some traditional sweater designs feature interesting stitches or colorwork at the yoke, particularly Icelandic lopi sweaters and the famous Bohus sweaters of Sweden.

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How do you improvise a sweater?

How to improvise a top-down sweater: Introduction

  1. Cast on.
  2. Rib for a couple of inches.
  3. Place markers designating increase points.
  4. Increase every other round until you’ve got the desired dimension.
  5. Transfer the gusset/sleeve stitches onto waste yarn.
  6. Cast on a few extra stitches to bridge the gap, and rejoin the main part of the piece for working in the round.


Where do you put short rows in a sweater?

Adding Short Rows to the Lower Back of a Sweater

By adding a few short rows into the backside of the sweater and just above the bottom edging you can remedy this issue. Adding short rows can be done on a top-down or bottom-up sweater. And this same technique can be used at the back of the neck, as well.