How do you make a loose shirt look good?

How do you make a baggy shirt look good?

Play with layering techniques and try a baggy tee over a knit dress and under a crop top for a cool, fun look. Bike shorts and an oversize tee are the perfect combo. Whether you wear the tee loose over the shorts or tucked in, give it a cool-girl touch by adding a gold chain belt around the waist.

What size should I get if I want oversized?

It’s a good idea to buy clothes that are meant to have an oversized appearance and that you’re able to buy in your size. If you just want a piece to be a bit looser than it should be, always stay within two to three sizes of your standard size to avoid unflattering all-over bagginess.

How can I wear an oversized shirt without getting fat?

How To Wear Oversized Tees & Look Great?

  1. Don’t go overboard with the size.
  2. Mix and match patterns instead of prints.
  3. Match separates.
  4. Add layers.
  5. Add accessories.
  6. Stay confident.
  7. Graphic tees are the most trendy type of t-shirt this year so do give them a try.

Are loose clothes in style?

Baggy, loose, and oversized clothing was all the rage in the 90s and it is coming back into style. For women and men, the looser, the better. Because anyone can wear baggy fashion, all shapes and sizes sure to be comfortable in this stylish trend.

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How do I look classy in a hoodie?

Choose a plain hoodie in a dark, neutral color.

Dark, plain colors will automatically upgrade the hoodie’s appearance and create a sleeker look. If you pair it with dark denim and basic trainers, you can look both polished and casual. Try pairing a dark gray hoodie with black skinny jeans.

How can a man wear a shirt that is too big?

How to Wear a Baggy T-Shirt

  1. Make Sure It’s a Shirt That’s Meant to be Worn Baggy. Keep a lookout for words like “oversized” or “relaxed” when shopping for a baggier tee. …
  2. Keep Your Pants Slim. …
  3. Embrace Athleisure. …
  4. Go Vintage (and Rock On)


How do you tighten a loose neck on a shirt?

Lay the T-shirt on a flat surface and move your fingers vertically from bottom up to smoothen out the lines on the collar. Then iron the neckline to flatten it further, in an upwards direction. Don’t iron it till it’s completely dry though, but leave it out on a flat surface.

How do you fix a loose collar on a shirt?

First, you need to prepare a bowl of ice cubes and cold water then fold the neckline of your T-shirt in a wave pattern. Soak that section in the bowl of ice cubes, which is supposed to make the fibres of the cotton firmer. Squeeze out excess moisture but make sure that the neckline is still in the “waves” pattern.