How do you knit staggered eyelets?

What does yo mean when knitting?

One of the easiest and most common ways to create an extra stitch in knitting is with a yarn over. Not only does this technique increase your stitch count by 1, yarn overs also leave you with a neat little eyelet that can be a decorative increase, an element in lacework, or even a buttonhole.

How do you knit a gap?

When the finger is long enough, bind it off. (2) Next, attach the yarn just to the left of that finger’s base, bind off several stitches (there’s your gap), and starting knitting back and forth on the stitches for the middle finger. When that one is done, bind it off. (3) Repeat for the third finger.

How do you knit a fan and feather pattern?

Stitchfinder: Knit Stitch: Feather and Fan

  1. PATTERN STITCH. Feather and Fan (multiple of 18 sts) Row 1 (right side): Knit across row.
  2. Row 2: Purl.
  3. Row 3: *(K2tog) 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, (k2tog) 3 times; rep from * across.
  4. Row 4: Knit. Rep Rows 1-4 for Feather and Fan pattern.

How do you knit a coat hanger cover?

Cut a long strip of wadding and cover the wooden hanger with it, cutting a small hole for the hook to poke through. Stitch the edges together roughly (this stitching will all be covered later) along the bottom and ends of the hanger. Place the knitting over the coat hanger and sew the seam along the bottom.

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