How do you knit side seams?

How do you sew a side seam?


Start by laying the shirt flat on the back, with the right side facing up. Lay the front down on top so the right sides are together. Extend the sleeve outwards, and fold in half. Pin on the far right side, all the way from the end of the sleeve to the hem of the shirt.

What are the 3 types of seams?

Different Types of Seams and Their Uses

  • 1) Plain Seam. The first and the most basic seam around the world is the plain seam. …
  • 2) Plain Seam With A Single Stitch. …
  • 3) Plain Seam With Double Top Stitch. …
  • 4) Hairline Seam. …
  • 5) Bound Seam. …
  • 6) Lapped Seam (Tucked Seam) …
  • 7) French Seam. …
  • 8) Flat Felled Seam or Run and Fell Seam.


What is whip stitch in knitting?

Whip stitching is a common way to join two pieces of crochet or knitting together. I often use it because it is simple to do, virtually invisible, and lays nice and flat. Here I am using a contrasting color to show you the stitches, normally you would use yarn of the same color so the seam stays hidden.

What is the best stitch to sew up knitting?

This sewing technique is used to join the edges of knitted fabric and is perfect for seaming up sweaters and hats.

  • Thread the sewing needle under the corresponding V stitch on the other side and pull the yarn through.
  • Repeat steps 2 to 5 until the seam is complete.
  • Pull the thread to bring the seams neatly together.
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Why seams are used during stitch?

Stitches and seam types are very important for garment quality. Stitches are used to join the patterns of the garment, and seams give the shape and detail of the garment.