How do you fix a knitted sweater pull?

How do you fix a pull in knitwear?


  1. Use a Crochet Hook to Grab the Snag. Start by inserting the crochet hook from the wrong (opposite) side of the sweater through to the front side at the snag. …
  2. Pull the Snag to the Other Side. …
  3. Smooth the Pulled Threads. …
  4. Knot in Place. …
  5. Secure the Knot with Nail Polish. …
  6. Do a Final Check.


Can you fix a pulled thread?

Once the thread is pulled through to the wrong side, you can either try to untie the knot in the thread or trim the thread with your scissors. Be careful not to cut the loop and undo your work! And voila!

How do you fix a snagged thread in a sweater?

How to fix a snag in a sweater

  1. Push or pull the snag through the sweater. Using a sewing needle, push the scraggly bit of the snag through to the inside of the sweater. If the snag’s too big to grab this way, turn the sweater inside out and use a crochet hook to tug the strands to the inside. …
  2. Knot the snag.


How do I keep my sweater from unraveling?

Fixing Fraying Around Small Snags or Holes

This will hide the fraying. Turn the sweater inside out and use the hook on a crochet hook to pull the frayed thread tight. Knot the frayed thread on the inside of the sweater. Coat the knot with a thin layer of clear nail polish to prevent further fraying.

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How do you remove pulls from clothes?

One of the most effective ways to remove pills is to use a fabric comb or a battery-operated pill and fuzz remover that shaves the pills from the surface of the garment. These will pull the knotted fibers away from the surface of the fabric.

How do you fix thread pulls on upholstery?

All you have to do is to run the shaving razor over the snags and frays and voila! The snags are gone and won’t pull any further. This method works best for fabric that fray into thin strands and fluff. It also works with fabric pilling or balling.

Can you cut a pulled thread?

So what do you do when you have a snagged thread protruding nastily from your clothes? You definitely don’t cut it, that’s for sure. That will just leave you with a hole. If the weave of the sweater is loose enough, you may be able to manipulate the fabric and thread to work it back into place.