Frequent question: How do you block hand knitted socks?

Is it necessary to block knitted socks?

You do not need to block socks. They’re knit with negative ease, meaning they’re just a bit smaller than the foot, so they stretch and look proper when worn without blocking. I like to block them when I give them as gifts because they look a bit nicer when not on the foot that way.

How do you block knitted socks without a sock blocker?

If you don’t have sock blockers, you can use your hand. Put your hand in the damp sock and slowly pull it out with your fingers stretched. This will help to shape the sock. Lay them to dry someplace where they’ll be undisturbed.

How do you make a sock blocker?

Okay, now we have home made sock blockers, this is easy!

  1. Fill a (clean) sink with cool water. …
  2. Gently press the sock(s) under water, then go make a cup of tea or something. …
  3. Lift the socks out carefully, supporting them with your hands so they don’t stretch under their own weight. …
  4. Slip it on to a sock blocker.

Can you block sock yarn?

As I mentioned in the video, to block socks you should use Woolite or Soak, a no-rinse wool wash. You can buy Soak at or at your local yarn store. You’ll also need a pair of sock-blockers, also found at your local yarn store or at a few different online retailers I mention below.

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How do you make a sock blocker out of a wire hanger?

First, stretch the base of the hanger downward, creating a diamond shape. Next, bend the righthand point of the diamond inwards. Finally, make a curve in the wire a few inches to the right of the hanger top to mimic the leg of the sock.

What is a sock stretcher?

The flat wooden legs, clad in long woolly socks, were hung from outdoor clotheslines or given a place to dry indoors. …

How do you stretch cotton socks?

If you’re looking to stretch the body of the sock, you’ll also need something to stretch around. Coffee cans are pretty perfect for this, but anything sturdy and round can work. Use a measuring tape and find something that’s just a bit wider around than the sock can stretch now.

How do you block a knitted Christmas stocking?

To block your Wooly Worsted stocking you’ll need a bowl, some wool wash (I like Soak) and two large towels. Add your stocking and a few drops of wool wash to the bowl and fill with cool water. Submerge your stocking to and gently swish it around to release any air bubbles.

What is a mitten blocker?

These adjustable mitten blockers are great for knitters who frequently wash and block mittens. They are sold in a pair that you assemble. Adjusts to fit small, medium, and large mittens. Disassembles for convenient storage and portability. Triangle top piece can be used for blocking pointed mittens.