How do you match stripes when sewing?

First, match up the stripes at each end of your seam and pin them accurately together. Then, work your way along the seam pinning every stripe for wide stripes and every other stripe or every 2nd stripe for narrower stripes.

How do you match horizontal stripes on fabric?

When you fold the fabric make sure the stripes are going perfectly parallel to the fold, and pin each strip together at the selvage. As stripes can easily “wobble” between the fold and selvage you may even want to put multiple pins through both layers to make sure the stripes are parallel all the way across the fabric.

How do you match stripes when sewing pants?

First, draw in the seam allowance on all the pattern pieces, including the sleeve. The reason for this is that you want your stripes to match at the seam where they are sewn, NOT at the raw edge. With curved and diagonal seams like this, a stripe can easily match at the raw edge, but not at the actual seam.

How do you match patterns when sewing?

Lay your fabric out double thickness, right sides together. Align the selvedges, carefully matching the pattern between top and bottom layers. Fold back the top layer of the fabric about half way up. Check to make sure the pattern on the two layers is still aligned and matching.

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How do you sew stripes on sleeves?

Lay the strip down on the sleeve where you want it. Make the strip perpendicular to the fold (far right in the photo above). Place the strip to have some overhang at the underarm seam. Start pining the stripe down to the sleeve but not through both layers of the sleeve.

How do you cut a pattern on printed fabric?

Use a one-way layout and cut as a single layer. If the print does not show on the wrong side, place pattern pieces on the right side to match the stripes. Avoid placing dominant stripes on the bust, waist or hipline. If cutting out as a double layer, fold the fabric in half and line up at the selvedge.

Do you have to pattern match?

Unless you’re making clothes or projects with only straight seamlines, it’s impossible to pattern match fully along the length of any curved seams. … Ultimately though, pattern matching is down to personal taste. If you don’t care, then you really don’t have to do any matching at all, and that’s totally OK!

How do you match a pocket pattern?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Transfer pocket placement dots to front of shirt.
  2. Place pocket pattern on the shirt so dots match.
  3. Trace design of fabric onto tissue ( I marked the “googly eyes” of the crab using a water soluble marker just in case it bled through the tissue and onto the fabric.


How do you match diagonal seams?

How to Match Diagonal Seams When Piecing Your Quilt

  1. Mark your seam allowance Along the edge you want to stitch. …
  2. Rotate your piece and mark the ends. …
  3. Repeat on the opposite piece. …
  4. Layer your pieces right sides together and pin. …
  5. Stitch and press.
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How do I find a specific fabric?

Here’s 7 different methods I’ve used to solve this dilemma.

  1. Basic Search. Think about how you’d describe the fabric eg: colour, pattern etc. …
  2. Advanced Search. Get specific. …
  3. Technical Search. …
  4. Have a Guess. …
  5. Study Fabric. …
  6. Upload an image for a web search. …
  7. Physical Fabric Stores.