How do you make a pillow case by hand?

How do you make a pillowcase without a sewing machine?

no sew. You can literally wrap your already covered pillow (or pillow form) up like a burrito, meaning the only thing you have to purchase is fabric from your local craft store. You simply take a square of fabric, place the pillow towards one corner, wrap, tie, and you’re done!

How do you make a pillowcase with flap?

Tutorial: how to make a pillowcase with an inner flap

  1. Sewing words explained:
  2. Pre-wash and dry your fabric before cutting. …
  3. Cut 2 rectangles. …
  4. Pin the front and back together on one short side. …
  5. Sew them together using a 3/8″ (1cm) seam allowance. …
  6. Finish the seam with a serger machine (pro method).


How much bigger should a pillowcase be than the pillow?

Opt for a pillowcase measuring 1/2 to 1 inch longer than the pillow length and 2 1/2 to 4 inches wider than the pillow width, if you’re buying a ready-made pillowcase.

What is the first step to do before sewing a pillowcase?

Sew a pillowcase in 7 easy steps

  1. What you’ll need: …
  2. Wash, dry and iron your fabric before measuring and cutting the fabric.
  3. Fold the fabrics in half to easily cut the rectangles.
  4. Fold the cuff in half, lengthwise and iron down the fold.
  5. Match up the raw edges of the cuff with the right side of the pillowcase body, pin and sew with a 1/2″ allowance.
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How much material do you need to make a pillowcase?

A finished standard pillowcase should measure about 22.5 inches by 31.5 inches, allowing for fill depth, seaming and an approximate 4-inch hem. One yard of 45-inch-wide fabric should be enough to make one standard case, if the material is preshrunk.

How much fleece do you need for a tie pillow?

You will need about 1 yard (0.92 meters) of fleece for each color/pattern. Stack the two pieces of fleece together with the right sides facing out. This is very important. You won’t be turning your pillow inside out, so the right sides need to be on the outside from the very beginning.