How do you make a double sided Tshirt quilt?

Can you make a Tshirt quilt with shirts on both sides?

Both sides of your quilt will hold your cherished T-Shirts for a one-of-a-kind memento! Once you snuggle up with one of our T-Shirt quilts you won’t want to use anything else! Use either side of the T-shirt, or both!

Can you make a 2 sided quilt?

You could make two tops, put both on a thin batting (each), quilt them and then put both together before sewing on the binding. If you want, you could tie/sew them on a few places together (invisible). That way both sides have their own quilted pattern, suitable for the patchwork.

What kind of interfacing do you use for a Tshirt quilt?

For most t-shirt quilts, a fusible knit or 100% cotton woven fusible interfacing is a great choice with a cotton or cotton-blend batting. If you like things a little stiffer, then try Pellon 911 nonwoven fusible interfacing. Use a cotton or poly batting.

What size should a shirt be for a quilt?

A good size is 15” x 15” or 16” x 16” … remember the sewn square will be a 1/2″ smaller on all sides because of a half inch seam allowance. You can do bigger or smaller squares (if you have lots of t-shirts, you have the option to do smaller squares so that the quilt doesn’t get too big).

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Do I need interfacing for a Tshirt quilt?

Using interfacing or iron-on backing is not necessary in the construction of T-shirt quilts. This is because sewing machine technology and modern T-shirt quilt designs have changed how T-shirt quilts are made. If you are a quilt maker, consider up dating your skills, equipment and quilt style.

What do you use for the back of a Tshirt quilt?

What material can be used on the back of a T-shirt quilt?

  • 100% Cotton.
  • 50% Polyester/50% Cotton.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Flannel.
  • Minky Fabric.
  • Blue Jean.


Which Pellon is best for Tshirt quilts?

Interfacings & T-Shirt Quilts

  • Pellon® 820 Quilter’s Grid™ and 821 Quilter’s Grid™ On-Point are natural choices for constructing a T-Shirt quilt. …
  • Traditional apparel products such as 906F Pellon® Fusible Sheerweight, 911FF Pellon® Fusible Featherweight and 931TD Pellon® Fusible Midweight are also excellent choices.


Is interfacing and stabilizer the same thing?

A stabilizer is manufactured to be rigid in all directions, while interfacing may give support in one direction while easily flexing in another. Stabilizer likes a paper or a film, and always used in embroidery and sewing. But interfacing like a kind fabric, and used in the clothes and garments.

Can you quilt as you go t-shirt quilt?

Quilting a T-shirt Quilt

Learn how I quilted many of my t-shirt blocks with walking foot style machine quilting. You can also quilt your T-shirt quilt blocks with a variety of free motion quilting designs.