How do you make a cushion cover without a sewing machine?

How do you make a cushion without a sewing machine?

How to make a cushion cover without a sewing machine

  1. Lay a 150cm square piece of fabric on a large work surface. …
  2. Fold lower third of fabric over cushion insert.
  3. Fold over the top third of the fabric. …
  4. At each end, fold in both corners to make a narrow triangle shape. …
  5. Carefully turn over cushion. …
  6. Tuck fabric ends into knot to complete the look.

Can I make pillow case without sewing?

No, you can use a fun no-sew pillow on your bed, on an outdoor seat, or anything. You can even use this same pattern to make floor pillows. There are no restrictions. You could just make a couple of pillow covers for every season.

What is the best filling for outdoor cushions?

Sometimes called cumulus filling, this special blend of dry conjugate and layered, densified polyfiber is resilient and soft. CumuPlush is Cushion Source’s basic outdoor fill and works great in applications such as outdoor bench cushions, chaise lounge cushions, seat and chair cushions and many other uses.

How do you make a pillow case stay on a pillow?

Add Velcro to the inner side of the flap first then to the case itself at the meeting point of the flat and the pillow. You can do this by using glue or simply by sewing. The pieces should be able to meet upon folding the flap. Finally, you can now insert the pillow and put the flap with Velcro in place.

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How do you make a pillowcase into a cushion cover?

Reuse old toss pillows instead of buying new pillow forms, and save even more.

  1. Turn the standard pillowcase inside out.
  2. Smooth the pillowcase out onto a flat surface. …
  3. Measure 21 inches from the sewn end of the pillowcase. …
  4. Keep the pillowcase flat and smooth while cutting across the pencil line.

How do I calculate how much fabric I need for a cushion?

Measure the height of the cushion if you are covering a box cushion. Multiply the width of the cushion by two and the depth of the cushion by two, and add those numbers together to figure out how much fabric you will need to make the sides, front and back of the box cushion. Add 2 inches for seam allowances.

How do you make homemade cushions?

Creating a Box Cushion. Cut 4 in (10 cm) thick upholstery foam to the size of your seat. Measure the length and width of your chair or bench seat first, then cut the resulting square or rectangle out of thick, upholstery foam. Use a hand saw or serrated knife to do this; do not use scissors.