Your question: How do I make a yarn pom pom rug?

What can I use to make a pom pom rug?

You Will Need:

  1. Clover Pom Pom makers in 2 1/2 inch and 3 3/8 inch.
  2. Double knit wool acrylic yarn(such as Korbond DK Acrylic)
  3. Scissors.
  4. Canvas Rug backing – the kind for latch hook projects (I used 50cm by 100cm backing)

How much yarn is needed for a pom pom rug?

In general: 1 sq ft of rug = 25 large (4.5″ pom poms), or 40 medium (2.5″ inch pom poms). 1 skein of medium weight acrylic yarn (160 yards) produces about 7 large 4.5″ pom poms and 11 medium 2.5″ pom poms. Therefore, you need about 4 skeins per square foot of rug.

What kind of yarn do you use for a pom pom rug?

Acrylic yarn is the best type of yarn for pom poms. It’s cheap. Most craft stores carry acrylic yarn, and it is one of the most affordable types of yarn out there because it’s synthetic.

How do I make my pom pom rug Fluffy?

How to make a pom pom rug

  1. Cut your rug pad into the size and shape you’d like your rug to be. …
  2. Make a boatload of pom poms. …
  3. Lay your pom poms out on the floor and admire how cool they’ll look together. …
  4. Make even more pom poms.
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How do you make homemade pom poms?


  1. Make Cardboard Pom-Pom Templates. …
  2. Cut Out the Circles. …
  3. Start Wrapping Yarn Around the Template. …
  4. Wrap the Yarn Until the Ring Is Full. …
  5. Cut Around the Edge of the Ring. …
  6. Tie the Cut Yarn Pieces Together. …
  7. Shape the Pom-Pom. …
  8. Fluff the Pom-Pom and Finish Trimming.


How do you make a pom pom rug fast?

Tips for fast pom making

  1. Tip #1 – Use a pom pom maker; they speed up the process considerably.
  2. Tip #2 – Wind more than one strand of yarn at the same time, this speeds things up.
  3. Tip #3 – Use a very sharp pair of scissors to trim your pom-poms.

Can you wash a pom pom rug?

Soaps with water can also be used to clean a pom pom rug. Pom Pom Rugs, after washing, usually get harder or rougher. But in addition to soap and water, using a carpet washing shampoo can make the rug softer after the wash. You can also add a laundry softener instead for the same purpose as well.

How do you make a 2 inch pom pom?

How to Make a Fluffy Pom Pom Topper in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Take a rectangular piece of cardboard about 2″ X 4″ and use scissors to cut two, half-inch slits. …
  2. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard until you have reached your desired thickness, between 50 and 100 “wraps” gives you a nice fluffy pompom. …
  3. Remove the yarn strand from the notches and tie a knot away from the cardboard.
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What is the best pom pom maker?

Clover has the best pom-pom maker around! I’ve tried several others, even my own hand-crafted ones, but none can even compare. This is easy and quick to use.

How much yarn is needed for a pom pom wreath?

DIY Colorful Holiday Pom-Pom Wreath: Multicolor Poms

Next, cut a 12-inch piece of yarn, wrap around the center and tightly tie a knot.

How many times do you wrap yarn to make a pom pom?

How many times you wrap the yarn around your fingers will depend on how big you want the pompom to be: If you are using two fingers, wrap the yarn 100 to 125 times. If you are using three fingers, wrap the yarn 125 to 150 times. The more you wrap, the bigger and thicker your pompom is going to be.