You asked: What does the knitting term yon mean?

Yarn over knitting is one of the abbreviations that seems to confuse many beginners. … This stitch is used to intentionally create a hole in your knitted fabric usually when you are knitting a lace pattern, but it is also sometimes used as an increase stitch on plain knitted fabric.

What is the difference between Yon and YRN?

Yarn over (YO)is when yarn is moved over to the another side either front or back depending where the yarn is. Yarn round needle (yarn around needle or YRN is when yarn is wrapped around the working needle instead of just passing it over to the other side.

What is yarn over needle?

A yarn over is a way of making an extra stitch on your knitting needle and creating a deliberate little hole in your fabric. Yarn overs can be used as decorative stitches, in lace patterns, or as increases.

What is the difference between Yo and yon in knitting?

The short answer is that a yon only goes half way round the needle but a yrn goes all the way round.

What does YM mean in a knitting pattern?

YM stands for “yarn marker” in machine knitting. You use a contrasting color on the edge stitch to use a marker on the row.

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What does YRN mean in slang?

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How do you yarn over at the end of a row?

To do a yarn over at the end of a row, just toss the yarn over the top of the needle like usual. It will look a bit funny, but to anchor the thing on the next row, knit that yarn over into the back of the stitch. It will hold.