You asked: How do you make pleats in knitting?

How do you knit folds?

The classic method is done in three steps:

  1. On the row or round BEFORE where the fold is wanted, work a row or round in contrast color, but keep to your stockinette pattern (knit if in the round, purl if working back and forth)
  2. On the row or round where the fold is wanted, return to the main color and purl.


How do you add pleats to a pattern?

You can use the same method for box-pleats, too, but you’ll probably have to add more volume.

  1. Draw lines where you want the pleats to be. …
  2. Take another piece of paper and start copying from the first space upwards. …
  3. Fold all the pleats so that you’ll see the original shape of your pattern piece. …
  4. Cut and open the folds.


What are the types of pleats?

Types of Pleats

  • Box Pleats. Box pleats have the fabric pressed outwards and are more commonly used in curtains and other sewing projects rather than clothing. …
  • Inverted Pleats. Most skirts and dresses use inverted pleats. …
  • Kick Pleats. …
  • Knife Pleats. …
  • Accordion Pleats. …
  • PinTucks.


How do you knit the edges of folding?

How to Knit: Folded Picot Edge

  1. Cast on the required number of stitches. Work in stockinette stitch for odd number of rows (3 or 5).
  2. Next row: Facing WS, *yo, k2tog, rep from *. …
  3. Work in stockinette stitch for the same number of rows as before the eyelet row (3 or 5).
  4. Facing WS, fold the piece at the eyelet row. …
  5. The picot edge is finished.
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How do you secure pleats?

You can iron the pleats later to crease them. Fold the fabric over to the middle line and pin to secure it. Find the center line of your pleat and bring the fabric that you are pinching over to this line. Press down along the folded edge to make it even with the center line.

What is the difference between tucks and pleats?

Tuck or Pleat? Tucks are kind of like pleats. The only difference is that tucks are stitched at their base so that the folds remain secured.

Can you turn pleated pants into flat front?

Well, you can actually have pleated pants turned into flat fronts. Sweet! If those pants are super old, however, Alpha would not spend the money as this is one of the most expensive alterations. Converting the pleated to flat front, it’s an option but do the cost analysis.

How do you put pleats on a dress pattern?

Adding pleats to patterns is so easy! This is using the “slash n’ spread” method, which is just how it sounds. Cut the pattern and spread it! The arrows indicate which way the pleat will go.