Quick Answer: Is it possible to undo knitting from the cast on edge?

Yes’m, you can undo the cast-on edge or just pick up stitches. If you undo the cast-on, be aware that your new stitches will be moved half a stitch over.

Can you undo knitting from the cast on edge?

Take your scissors and snip the yarn in the marked row one stitch away from the right side of the work. Carefully undo the yarn from the first stitches at the right side of the work. Take a knitting needle in your right hand and pick up those stitches from back to front.

Can you un Cast Off knitting?

If you don’t like the look of your bind-off, or if you did it too tight, you can always undo it. Just work back, one stitch at a time, removing the bind-off and putting the stitch back on your needle.

What is the cast on edge?

Picking Up Stitches: Cast-On or Bound-Off Edge

Picking up stitches is a way to add new stitches to an already finished bit of knitting–along the sides for a buttonband, perhaps, or at the neckline for a collar. You can add stitches to any edge: a cast-on edge, a bound-off edge, or the side edges.

How does Edge measure cast?

Place the tape across the fabric from edge to edge, and not too close to the cast on edge. With a large number of stitches on straights, work to the center of the row, smooth out the work, then measure the width.

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Why is my cast off row tight?

There are two reasons your bind-off would be too tight: you’re knitting too tight or you picked the wrong bind-off.

What is the difference between pick up and pick up and knit?

“Pick up and knit” means this: to use a needle to pull new loops of the working yarn through an existing piece of fabric, usually along an edge. “Picking up and knitting” is more commonly done than plain old “picking up”. … Use a smaller needle when picking up and knitting, also.