Is knitting of a sweater reversible or irreversible?

Knitting of a sweater is a reversible change because after you finish knitting the cloth you can open the thread to make it normal.

Is woolen yarn knitted sweater reversible change?

Answer: Woollen yarn to knitted sweater is a reversible reaction. Explanation: If the reaction involved the conversion of reactants into products as well as products into reactants called reversible reaction.

Can yarn to knitted sweater be reversed?

Stretched rubber bands can be changed to its normal size.

Woolen yarn to knitted sweater Yes
Grain to its flour No
Cold milk to hot milk Yes
Straight string to coiled string Yes

When a woolen yarn is knitted to get a sweater The change can be classified as Dash?

The wool being knitted into a sweater is a physical change since we can get back the wool from the sweater by using physical methods only.

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When a woolen yam is knitted to get a sweater The change can be classified as?

Solution. When a woolen yarn is knitted to get a sweater, the change can be classified as physical change.

Is straight string to coiled string reversible?

The ‘straight string’ to a ‘coiled string’ is reversible. Explanation: Coiling a straight string into a coiled one can be done but this process can be done only under a high pressure, then it becomes reversible.

Is Melting Chocolate reversible or irreversible?

Melting is a reversible change. If a block of chocolate melts, it can be frozen again to make an identical block of chocolate. Other changes are permanent: it is impossible to get back to the starting point. These are called irreversible changes.

What change is raw egg to boiled egg?

When you boil an egg, the inside becomes solid. This transformation does not, however, change the egg’s appearance from the outside, its odor or its sound. But you can tell the difference between a cooked egg and a raw one by spinning them on their point: a cooked egg is easier to spin.

What type of change is it raw egg to boiled egg justify?

Changes which are not possible in reverse direction are called Irreversible changes. Melting of Ice into water is a reversible change.

Change can be reversed
Raw egg boiled egg no
Batter to Idli no
Wet clothes to dry clothes yes
Woolen yarn to knitted sweater yes

Is making yarn from cotton wool a reversible change or irreversible change?

It is not a reversible change.

When a woolen yarn is needed to get a sweater?

Multiply the magic number by the total number of square inches in your sweater. This tells you how much your sweater will weigh, in grams. I usually add about 10–15% for some wiggle room, then divide that number by the number of grams per skein. Now you know how many skeins of yarn to request for your sweater!

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Why wool being knitted into a sweater is a physical change?

Answer: In a physical change no new substance is formed . in this case when the wool is knitted into a sweater only the appearance is changed no new substance is formed . we can get back the wool from the sweater and thus it is a physical change .

Is not a chemical change?

Boiling waterBoiling water is an example of a physical change and not a chemical change because the water vapor still has the same molecular structure as liquid water (H2O). If the bubbles were caused by the decomposition of a molecule into a gas (such as H2O →H2 and O2), then boiling would be a chemical change.

Is cement reversible or irreversible change?

Answer: Due to water, cement hardens and its composition changes. Since it is a chemical change therefore it cannot be reversed.

Is souring of milk reversible or irreversible change?

it is irreversible as sour milk can’t be turned to normal milk again. the souring of the milk is an irreversible change ….. Aakash EduTech Pvt.

Can flower buds be reversed?

Answer. bud to flower is irreversible change as a bud can turn to flower but a flower cannot turn back to bud. the flower can further bloom,dry up.